Tintagel Carnival 2019



St Buryan Inn July 2019


May Day at Haytor 2019



St Pirans Day Redruth 2019

Chepstow Wassail 2019















Newly Released Footage of the first All Hallows Dark Gathering in 2014

All Hallows Dark Gathering Boscastle 2018


A wonderful short film about connecting and understanding the power of Mari Lwyds and ‘Osses

(Morvargh the Sea ‘Oss makes a short but beautiful appearance)

Boekka Practice July 2018

Boekka Practice April 2018

Training two apprentice Teazers, two riders and a mischievous ‘Oss is not an easy task!

Chepstow Wassail with the Mari Lwyds 2018

 All Hallows Dark Gathering Boscastle 2017




St Pirans Redruth 2017



Chepstow Wassail 21st January 2017


Morvargh Performing at Tintagel 2017

All Hallows Gathering Boscastle 29th October 2016



Penkevyll welcomes the Mari Lwyd at the Museum of Witchcraft and Magic Boscastle 2016
The Meeting of Penkevyll and the Mari Lwyds 2016


Chepstow Wassail 16th January 2016

What a fabulous day that was.


All Hallows Gathering at the Museum of Witchcraft and Magic Boscastle 31st October 2015

Royal Cornwall Show 2015




Boekka at Chepstow Wassail 2015





Penkevyll and Boekka at the Truro Lights Festival 2012



Boekka with Paul Merton 2011



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