Photo Diary 2020

Events of 2020

Boekka’s 10th Birthday 8th August

Boekka’s party was celebrated on Zoom, we had fun although it would have so much better meeting in person.

Read more here : Boekka’s 10th Birthday – Memories


St Pirans Procession Redruth 7th March

Boekka had a wonderful time at St Pirans, Penkevyll also met up with Whippletree and her old friend The Raven. After that they returned to St Buryan to prepare for Cassandra’s 70th Birthday party at the Village Hall. Photos by J.M. Photography.

Brecon Wassail 18th January

Boekka had a fabulous time at the Brecon Wassail with members of Cwmni Gwerin Pontypwyl. Boekka’s Teazer’s Laetitia and Sally also participated a Welsh dance too! the event was on a smaller scale than Chepstow, but it was good to experience something different that took us deeper into the beautiful mountainous Welsh countryside. A fun start to the year! Wassail!
































































































































































































































































4 thoughts on “Photo Diary 2020

  1. What wonderful photos again! It always seems to attract the best photographers. It’s so good to see the black face. It really suits Boekka. Nice to see the masks back again 😀 xx


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