Picture Diary

Events of 2018

All Hallows Dark Gathering Boscastle 27th October

Boekka had a fantastic time at this event.









John Isaac











Read about A Special Moment at the All Hallows Gathering



Boekka’s 8th Birthday 8th August

We have a wonderful time with team Boekka, some of our members and friends celebrated with us via computer. We had a civilized champagne and gin afternoon tea, so Penkevyll and Morvargh wore their hats for the occasion.






After the video chat we brought out more gin and got on with some serious celebrating! A fabulous afternoon and evening.


Boekka Practice St Buryan Village Hall 10th February.

A fabulous practice with a new rider taught by Cassandra and our experienced rider for Penkevyll. We have two new Teazers who are feisty dancers.



Chepstow Wassail with the Mari Lwyd 20th January

A fabulous start to 2018 travelling to Chepstow and meeting up with the Mari Lwyds. There were 21 Osses this year, it was wonderful to see 10 more than last year! The weekend began with a fun evening at the Greenman Backpackers bar.

The following day the rest of team Boekka arrived and the event began with a procession through the town from the Greenman Backpackers hostel. This was followed by the Wassail ceremony by the castle and a Beauty Pageant arranged in the Castle Inn for all the gorgeous Maris. Morvaugh made her debut this year and was admired by many. It was heart warming to hear the enormous cheer she received at the Pageant. Penkevyll enjoyed the Wassail and the dancing next to the castle, ridden by an exceptionally muscular Welsh rider!.

This year we wanted to experience the magic of the meeting on the bridge without the distraction of our ‘Osses. My apprentice Teazer and I were armed with our snappers and made the most of some free time with plenty of mischief and mayhem. Our good friend Jason Semmens did a splendid job of waving our Cornish flag. Cassandra also had time to join the musicians for a powerful drumming session.

We visited the Ceilidh in the evening which was well attended. The band were excellent and the dancing was so much fun. All in all a very successful weekend! Thank you to team Boekka for all their hard work.  (Laetitia)








John Isaac


John Isaac


John Isaac























































































































4 thoughts on “Picture Diary

  1. What wonderful photos again! It always seems to attract the best photographers. It’s so good to see the black face. It really suits Boekka. Nice to see the masks back again 😀 xx


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