Founder Members and Riders


Meet some of our members….


Image – Susan Exton

 Laetitia  – Founder Member- Main Teazer – Musician (Melodeon)  

Laetitia danced with  Border Morris team Wolf’s Head & Vixen Morris in Kent from 1999. During her final year she held the position of Foreperson teaching Vixen Morris dances.

She trained with Cassandra as ‘Oss Teazer since 2009 and it was at Chepstow Wassail in January 2017 that Cassandra handed over her ‘snapper’ and the position of Teazer. In Boekka she has choreographed dances for the ‘Oss and Teazers and also rides her ‘Oss Morvargh, who appears when Penkevyll is not available. You can read about her here:

Laetitia has qualifications in Counselling, Beauty and Holistic Therapies and also works alongside Cassandra as a Wise Woman.

Image – John Isaac

Cassandra – Former ‘Oss Teazer & Founder Member- Guardian and owner of Penkevyll the ‘Oss – Percussionist

Cassandra brings to the team 20 years experience of ‘Obby ‘Oss teazing and has a background in community theatre.  She is a Dartington Honours Graduate and her profession is Wisewoman of St Buryan. She is a recent author of a book published by Mandrake of Oxford.  Following her retirement in 2010 Cassandra started to learn to Guise dance at age 61 yrs. She lives happily in a traditional Cornish 200 yr old cottage with Laetitia. She also loves a pint of good cider Cornish Orchard Gold is her favourite. If anyone is too naughty they will get the “anatomy shrivelling look” which can bring men to their knees!


Image= John Isaac

 Scarlet – Apprentice Teazer

Laetitia’s Apprentice Teazer is in her 30s and we have known her for some time. She understands the energy of the ‘Osses and the importance of good performance and detail. We look forward to seeing her progression. She is a talented artist and has an enquiring mind.


We now have 3 male ‘Oss riders and have decided to keep their anonymity in order to retain the mystery of Penkevyll. They are all talented riders with their own unique interpretation of working with the ‘Oss hence each performance will be different.



Rhys  –  Founder Member.

Rhys was an ‘Oss Rider since December 2009 (riding Penglaz) – March 2014 (riding Penkevyll) he first performed at 17 years of age.

He has a rich history of performance experience including musicianship (piano, saxophone and vocals), Morris dance, theatre, entertainment, martial art demonstration and devising/choreography of dance and drama. He also performs as a fire dancer.

He was in a Border Morris team from the age of  7  and has created some of the dances we used in the past.

He has an Honours Degree in Theatre Performance which he attained at University College Falmouth  and belongs in a variety of community projects.

Rhys has worked for the BBC and recently been an entertainments manager in a holiday park.

We miss his talents as a rider, dancer, choreographer and composer. He was a real asset to our team.

We thank all past members of Boekka for the time and energy they contributed to our team.


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